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Name: Eddard Aldric Beightol (known as Ed to those who know him best)

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Race: Human

Profession: Military Captain, subordinate and protege to General Sartoshi

Appearance: Eddard is handsome, and he knows it. He has shoulder-length blonde hair, blue eyes, and strategically placed scruff. He is on the taller side, about 6’2” and though he is slender, he has enough muscle to impress. Eddard is always dressed in the best of the garments suitable to the occasion, whether he be in court or on the battlefield.

Weapons: Typically a sword is his strongest ally, though he is able to manage other weapons adequately whenever they are within reach as well.

Personality: Eddard is haughty. He is conceited. He is proud. He generally has decent intentions, though what a “good” intention is to Ed may seem skewed due to his station in life; he has never really had to learn any hard lessons.

Eddard also has an easily bruised ego. Anyone who has studied human nature would realize, however, that this behavior is frequently associated with those who are riddled with insecurities. Eddard is no different; having been the fourth child, he is most frequently compared to his older, more accomplished brothers, and is generally found wanton. These insecurities and need for recognition are also the root of his desire to become a great soldier, as well as to meet great adventure head-on.

Background: Eddard is fourth son to Duke Jonath Beightol. This means that his inheritance of the dukedom is rather unlikely. Because of this, Eddard was born with all the privileges of high society without any of the demands placed on those first, second, or even third in line to inherit a title.

This has left Eddard with a lot of free time on his hands, and he has made the best of it. Mainly, he has had vigorous training in the military arts and has earned himself a well-deserved reputation as a skilled soldier. So much so that others at court are often in awe of his accomplishments.

He is known to be one of General Sartoshi protégés and has learned much of his art and skill from his elder. This includes the General’s affinity toward the chasing of women, though Eddard is not known to have near as much tact as the General demonstrates; his position in society has afforded him the ability to be rather crass and forward without having to deal with much in terms of consequences.

Strengths: Putting a weapon in Eddard’s hands means sure death to all his opponents (he’s even deadly without weapons, if need be). He is fast, cunning in battle, and merciless to his enemies.

Though Eddard is only a fourth-born son, he still also comes with the backing of one of the largest dukedoms, making him both a political and financial giant. Finding oneself on his bad side will invariably also mean finding oneself on the bad side of his considerably large backing.

Weaknesses: Eddard’s ego and attitude are probably his biggest enemies; if it wasn’t for his status, he would be rather hard-pressed in making friends, and most of his friendships are the type that would quickly fall away were his money and influence suddenly disappear.

So completely used to attention, Eddard doesn't necessarily realize that his popularity is really not of his own making. Obviously, he is not always the best judge of character.

He is also obviously only human and has all the physical frailties of one, despite his expensive armors and weapons.


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