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Post  Mikki on Mon Oct 31, 2011 11:58 pm

Character Name: Mikki
Gender: Female
Age: 87 years old
Race: Water Pixie


Mikki stands about 6 inches tall. She has blue skin, blue eyes, and white, wavy hair. She has a pair of translucent, shimmery wings, which she uses to carry her from one point to the next.

Mikki usually wears garments made out of natural materials, such as colorful flowers and leaves. She generally outfits herself on the go and can make almost anything work. She will never wear anything constricting, either on her body or her feet, as she usually wanders around barefoot.

Her face is usually adorned with an impish smile.

She is able to speak, but due to her small size, the amount of effort required to make herself understood by others is considerable, and she instead chooses other methods of communication. Only in emergencies does she actually bother to speak verbally, though if she really likes someone she may take to whispering directly in their ear.


Mikki is your typical water pixie, born of water and gaining sustenance in the natural world. She lived a rather carefree life, occasionally running into human-populated areas to create a little havoc before returning to her own home.

That was, until she found herself trapped in one of those blasted spring traps outfitted with a shiny ribbon on the inside.

Pixies are very demonstrative of their emotions, and Mikki is no exception. You know when she is happy, sad, and even more so, angry.

Generally, however, Mikki is playful and mischievous. There is nothing she enjoys more than moving that chair ever-so-slightly to see someone trip over it or to push a little extra pepper under your nose to see you sneeze right into it.

She is naturally attracted to children, who tend to have the same disposition as she does, though she will often shy away from adults, as she has learned from experience that they do not generally appreciate her brand of humor. Once she find someone she is attached to, however, Mikki is fiercely loyal and would go to the ends of the earth to protect them.

Mikki has all the skills associated with a master prankster, mainly that she is incredibly fast, and incredibly sneaky. If Mikki doesn’t want to be seen, rest assured that it is almost impossible to catch a glimpse of her.

Mikki is also a water pixie, meaning that she has an affinity for water. She can bend small amounts of water to her will, though this generally doesn’t amount to much, perhaps the equivalent of a large bucketful of water.

Mikki has all the disadvantages associated with being so small – she is easy to overlook, easy to injure and easy to control if caught. Her fierce personality cannot fully make up for her small size.

Mikki’s origins as a water pixie also means that if, for some reason, she is removed from access to water for more than a few days, she quickly begins, “wilting,” and will eventually die.

She also likes shiny objects and ribbons and has difficult controlling her curiosity when she sees one.

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