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Name: Baron Victor FitzPatrick

Gender: Male

Age: 543

Race: Vampire

Description: Dark wavy brown hair, kept slightly longish for a guy, it flops into his green eyes a lot and softens his sharp facial features. Not so much pretty as ferally handsome, his relationship to other "born" vampires is distant and not so visible due to his mother's heritage. He's about 5'10, not a very tall man, his body all lean whipcord. Firm of stride, he isn't as silent as other vampires but carries himself with a purposeful grace. A few swordfighting scars adorn his hide, as he was a reknown master fencer when alive and never stopped practicing even dead...

Weapons: Sword and dagger, of legendary Damascus steel.

Personality: Taciturn and solemn, Victor fights emotion for practicality and sense, yet still follows a fencer's code of honor and warfare. His willpower is, as a result, rather strong. He knows he's not the brightest mind to be born, and defers to others as a result if he gauges them as wiser--an honor if you are one he deems such, because he's picky about that. Quiet by nature and preferring to stay out of sight and mind of the world, Victor only wants to play cards on dark evenings with friends and occassionally hunt a meal, enjoying the feeding time with a quiet girl as his social life. He doesn't allow himself to attach to any one girl, however, as he knows their lives are fleeting, and so moves on after a few years--he tries to avoid heartbreak and live a life of little pleasures rather than risk the pain involved in greater attachments. This may make him seem cold, but several other higher "rank" vampires respect him for how he tends to follow such a solid code of reason above emotion, and so seek his opinion in matters.

Background: A bastard child of royalty, Victor grew up with no notion he was of vampyric lines at all, and was raised to be a great swordsman and soldier in the service of his King. It wasn't until a fight in a back alley killed him that he found out--the hard way--that he was born of vampire bloodlines, waking up just after his own wake ended and killing a servant in his need to revive. An older vampire took him under his wing and taught him how to control his hunger and wield his inherited skills, but that one was later slain by townsfolk and Victor barely escaped with his life.

Establishing himself at a cottage in the hills with some sheepfarmers, he became their unofficial lord over time by supplying loyal protection for satisfying his own need for blood. A trio of younger vampires since have taken residence under his guidance and authority, also distant bastard children of established lines: Attila, Eva, and Lazlo. Together, they have formed their own family of sorts, and live a simple life in the country, though they have since expanded with their farmers to a warehouse in the city for protecting their humans' interests.

Strengths/Skills: Like other bloodline-born vampires, he moves with almost impossible speed and agility, heals swiftly, and has enhances senses of sight, sound, and smell. His telepathy is strong but close-range only, with almost no empathic sense. He can Trance (hypnotize) a victim, but is not well practiced at it and so the results aren't very good--the result is he rarely tries that skill. Victor is a very good swordsman, his skills legendary, and his vampyric speed and agility has made him a frightfully dangerous opponent with a blade. He is not easy to kill permenantly, just like most other vampires.

Weaknesses: Holy water, fire, sunlight can disable and even kill in sufficient quantities. A stake through the heart kills, but only until removed. Decapitation and sufficient fire or holy water damage can give him the final death. His telepathy doesn't reach far if he needs to call for help. His Trancing ability is very poor and often ends up botched. Not a very emotional man usually, he gets easily frustrated and doesn't handle deeper relationships well. Utterly loves a good wine, and enjoys the company of a good woman, but doesn't understand women at all (like many guys).


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