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Name: Henrietta Smith
Alias/nickname: Hattie
Gender: F
Age: 7 in appearance only
Race: Cyborg (mostly metal by now)
Description: A petite child in a tattered pink dress with matching pink ribbons hanging loosely in her wildfire hair and what’s left of a pair of pink socks clinging pitifully to the ankles of her dirty, bare feet. She has dreamy green eyes , a small straight nose, and an expressive, rosy mouth.
Henrietta (Hattie) Smith 533x800_118_Little_Girl_2d_realism_girl_female_kid_child_portrait_face_picture_image_digital_art

(Weapons): The tips of her fingers open into small caliber ‘hand guns’. A small circle in the center of her palm opens and the barrels to automatic weapons built into her arms emerge. And what can only be described as an energy cannon unfolds from a place in her back where her shoulder blades slide, rising and arching above her head before begging to draw power to a blue light at the center of the 'barrel' in preparation to fire.
Personality: A bit mad, really. A lot mad, as a matter of fact. Not all there. Not sure where the rest went, but it’s not where she is.
She’s well intentioned.

She sometimes has moments of lucidity where she comes back to herself and is perfectly aware of everything going on around her. In these moments, she’s entirely the brilliant prodigy she was, but these moments are few and far between.
Background: Henrietta smith was the prodigy child of scientists Alice and Martin Smith. A sweet, but overly serious little girl, she spent much of her time in the lab and was eventually discovered by a large corporation and invited to work in their robotics department attempting to create artificial intelligence. Her team was tasked with creating a brain that could not only function and learn on its own, but also ‘download’ the memories, personality, and characteristics of a living person.
Strengths/skills: Mad: She is very difficult to damage. The fleshy outside of her body is made of high quality synthetic skin, made to be far more resistant to cuts, scrapes, and impact damage than human skin. Her ‘bones’ are all extremely dense, temperature and pressure resistant metals, and all of her ‘organs’, and wires are also encased in a layer of this metal to keep them from suffering damage.
She has very good aim when she’s in proper working order, and she can run faster, jump higher, and perform greater feats of acrobatic prowess than most humans. (Her size does restrict her, however, as she cannot make her arms or legs longer, thus she can only jump so high, move so fast, etc.)
Also, when she is lucid, she is a brilliant scientist.
Weaknesses: There is a failsafe in her programming that prevents her from harming/killing her creator(s).
While she is fully capable of running a self diagnostic program she is only capable of the most remedial of repairs on the body unit, having only been familiarized with the brain, and thus requires another to repair her if damage does occur.
She cannot swim. She is a heavy cyborg full of metal, and though she won’t sustain any lasting damage to her systems or circuitry, she will short circuit if she becomes water logged, and she sinks straight to the bottom.
In regards to her weapons- The cannon uses so much power that she is inoperable for two days afterwards, and unable to use it again for over a week if she’s resting and nearly two if she is not. Also, the ‘hand guns’ and automatics require bullets just like any other weapons, so they can only be used when she has ammunition for them.

(Additional info): She once came across a worn copy of alice in wonderland. Many of the pages were missing, but she developed an affinity for the mad hatter.
Henrietta (Hattie) Smith
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