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Name: Sihlus

Gender: Male

Age: Undetermined -- Apparent age mid-30s

Race: Humanoid

Profession: Peacekeeper

Description: In human form, he is a slender man of average height, one who would be unnoticed in a crowd; a grey man. He is normally dressed in grey, the color broken only by his black belt and boots. His iron-grey hair is combed back, blending into his collar, giving the impression of a hood. The only hints of color about him are his white, even teeth and his green eyes -- cat's eyes.

Weapons: On his belt he carries a coiled blacksnake whip, its leather thongs interwoven with strands of silver wire. Six matched throwing knives rest in a scabbard across his chest, and a long dagger is sheathed in his right boot. Forged of dragonsteel, with a hilt guard fashioned of silver in the form of a leaping panther, it is specially designed to cut through and destroy magic.

Personality: For the most part, unobtrusive. He tends to remain in the background until his talents are needed; then he is quick to take action or assume leadership, whatever is appropriate. Although he appears cold and unemotional, he has had two serious loves in his life... three if you count the father/teacher -- daughter/pupil relationship with Rowanna. One ended - presumably forever - with the breakup of Mylanders, and the other is presently hanging in the balance.

Background: Born (presumably) and reared on a distant world, he and his creche-mates are the result of centuries of selective breeding which has produced peacekeepers... individuals with minds so powerful that they can communicate at nearly any distance, invade and control other minds if necessary, and with careful training, tap into the very power of the Void itself. With reflexes many times faster than those of a "normal" being. With the ability to teleport from one place to another... or one world to another. With the power to shape-shift -- to take the form of virtually any creature imaginable. And with one overriding desire... to recognize, track down and destroy evil.

Strengths/Skills: His greatest strength is the power of his mind. With it, he can heal or kill, change his shape, or appear and disappear at will. Along with his unbelievably quick reflexes, he has almost unerring accuracy with his throwing knives. He has been known upon several occasions, to plant all six of them in a line across the center of a target, flat sides touching, in less time than his opponent could throw two. He is equally skilled with the whip.

Weaknesses: Because of his superior abilities, he occasionally is guilty of the sin of hubris, taking on more than he can handle when he should be calling for backup. So far, he has been able to escape from these tight spots, but there's always a next time. He has been bred and trained to believe that the mind alone is the source of all power in the multiverse, and has always looked down on magic and magic-users as charlatans or second-raters. After associating with this merry band of adventurers for a few years, and having been magically healed a few times, he is beginning to understand that mind and magic may have more in common than he thought. Still doesn't like it, though.

Additional Info: Although he can shape-shift to any form, his favorite is that of a large grey cat, who is better known in some places than the man himself, and in which form he prefers to travel the Void. He displaces less air when appearing or disappearing in cat form, and so generates less of a sonic boom. He prefers to come and go with a cat-sized *pop* than a man-sized *BLAM!*


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