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Post  Naitachel on Wed May 07, 2014 10:34 pm

The holidays were looming closer, and it seemed wise to get moving on the Christmas list before things got too chaotic at the stores. With Kris waiting just outside the mall for them, Naitachel and Soraya took the chance to step inside the local mall and try making a dent on that list. Later, who knew if there would be time for this. Life was rather busy at the moment, and only likely to get more so.

Naitachel paused just inside the doors of the mall, looking about as he leaned on his crutches. People were bustling about even now, likely on the same errand. "Heavens... where to start...? Perhaps... the Apple Store, for Matty? He seems simple enough."

Soraya looked at the crowd, wondering if they had made the right choice coming here at all. "Perhaps we should just have ordered everything online," she sighed, though she stepped further into the mall, propelled partially by people trying to get in behind them. "Or perhaps Best Buy would be better for him?"

The Seraph brushed stray hairs from his eyes with a hand and tugged at his scarf to loosen it in the warmer confines of the mall. "I was thinking a gift card, actually. I would be the last to dare choose what he might want from there, especially with... the potential of damage."

The redhead laughed as she moved toward the store registry. "Well, I am honestly not sure if he needs anything else with Macs. I think he tends to prefer a Windows operating system," she informed him, not 100% sure what the difference was when it was applied practically.

Shrugging, Nait clicked in her wake. "Do you have any other ideas? I am open to suggestions. I admit, I have not the faintest notion about such technology."

"Gift cards are a good idea, but perhaps not geared toward a specific platform as the Apple Store is. There is an electronics store on the fifth level. Perhaps Mircea would like a sweater from Eddie Bauer?"

"I suppose that sounds right for both... How about fuzzy slippers? I imagine his feet get cold, too." Nait reached a finger to trace their route on the directory.

Soraya’s eyebrow rose but she refrained from commenting on slippers for Mircea. Actually, the idea that they might find him bunny slippers made her want to laugh outright in the middle of the mall. "I will let you select those if you choose to do that, Nait," she simply answered, amused. "Which would you like to do first?"

The Seraph jerked his finger away from the electronic directory when it started changing names under his touch, eyes wide and wary. "Ah... anywhere, I suppose. Where is closest? And what should we do about the twins, or Min... or your three?"

"Might Min like something from that fancy cigar shop?" she asked, quite unsure of whether he ever smoked those things anymore. "The twins, well... makeup? Or perfume? Tom will likely enjoy a sweater as well, or perhaps a bottle of nice port wine. Michael has mentioned wanting a new video game and Bri... well, she would like us to go into that American Dolls store." She grimaced. Soraya didn't much care for the dolls herself, thought they were rather cultish herself, but it was Brianna's Christmas present to ask for. "She says she wants the one who looks like Wendy would, whatever that means."

"Cigars... Hmmm... I suppose we might try there. I do not know if that works with his new nightclub or what he does there, however... Perfume is surely simple enough to buy, yes? And has Michael named the game he wishes?" Reaching for his crutches again, he eyed the map one last time. Had "Fried Tofu" been in that section before he touched it? Odd, but he didn't remember that. "Wendy--perhaps like the girl in Peter Pan?"

"Either he said he wanted a game called Hola 3?" Soraya nodded, "Yes, I think that is what she meant, but, 'looks like Wendy?'" The redhead shrugged. "Perhaps she simply meant herself dressed as Wendy," she surmised. "Well, clothing first, then."

Nait nodded and waved for Soraya to lead. "That way, then?"

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