So, now, an idea... :D

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So, now, an idea... :D Empty So, now, an idea... :D

Post  Naitachel on Wed Apr 24, 2013 8:23 pm

So, if you guys are up to it, I've an RP idea for ya while I'm snoring.

You can introduce/debut Laerwen's Seraph Hadar as an adult kinda at the tail end of the Present and start of the Future settings. One evening, church bells seem to go mad across the world as someone summoned a true demon in California. Nait grabs his mission pack and being nearest says swift goodbyes to the family and takes off ASAP, telling them it's a demon and he'd be in touch as soon as he could. I discussed with Ro that he wins against that demon. But the fight took a few hours, smashed up parts of highrises up and down the West Coast, resulted in some auto accidents and dicey moments (but no crashes) at various airports (he'll be using the Note a lot), and culminates in the entire West Coast electric grid going out. The government will call it a meteor shower, but there may be some vague Youtube videos of light and dark chasing across the sky and smashing through buildings. Lol. The Seraphs will note that the fountain in their Temple in Heaven is flowing gold (a sign one of them's hurt), and Martaand texts a query for all to report in--all the Seraph kids are ok and report in, but Nait does not. The West Coast struggles with communication and travel issues with the electrical grid down for a few days, a main power plant site fried and several of the tall wire towers ripped up, one utterly smashed to bits...

If you guys end up (or start off, whatever you like) in California and looking, you'll find splashes of black demon and silver seraph blood wide-spread, Nait's mission pack tattered and lost somewhere where it fell during the fight, his cell phone likewise a ruined and purified mess (maybe playing REM's "It's the End of the World" as an away message), sword's sheathe on a rooftop or something, and the blade itself buried in the ground (only an innocent or a Seraph can pull it out and sheathe it again), you can make up your own ideas how and where. Hadar's the only seraph available to help look, likely--Martaand'd be busy with a Vatican crisis and others scattered across the world with other crises, and Lalika's in Heaven bottling golden holy water in case it needs to be delivered. Hadar can try "cheating", trying to divine where Nait is by holding a hand over a map but all he'll get is California, maybe southern end of it, then he'll be given divine signs that he's pushing his luck (thunder, lightening, hail from a clear sky, whatever you like). So, without special aid, the family has to develop its own solutions as everything starts to crumble--and try to avoid crumbing itself with it.

...and Ro, the plague may be the result of the mix of demon-Seraph blood? Nait'd be sick with the demon blood after, after all, and demon-were changes people so why not demon-seraph blood, especially if they don't know it's therefore contaminated and cursed, lol.

Hmmm... I think that's all I can think of to guide you guys. In any case, it's a great start to the end of the world and I'd be just a narrator or NPC player in it, so have fun.

Just don't forget to log if you guys play it. Lol.

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