Chapter 3. Dismissals and Directions

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Chapter 3. Dismissals and Directions  Empty Chapter 3. Dismissals and Directions

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Chapter 3. Dismissals and Directions

By the time Radu and the doctor had returned upstairs, the other prospects had all been dismissed and a young girl with large eyes and beautiful, delicate features that made one thing of such things as sparrows flitted around the office straightening magazines and picking up discarded items here and there.

“Your tea is on your desk, sir,” the girl said, her voice as unique as her features, strong yet oddly delicate. “Your nephews have escorted the others back to their vehicles, and Edwin drives those who came by taxi, all with assurances we will keep their applications on file. Kristov has finished tending to the horses and now accompanies Mistress Soraya and Miss Brianna to the great lawn.”

Radu nodded, gesturing to the seat across from him at the desk, indicating to the doctor that their business was not yet complete. “Thank you, Katarina,” he replied softly, his voice only just above a sigh. He picked up the delicate china cup and sipped at its contents a moment, closing his eyes and gathering himself again, thankful for the near-silence that surrounded him.  He glanced at the doctor, then closed his eyes again, rubbing at his temple as he struggled to push the pain back for just a few moments longer. This one was quite likely not so terribly invasive on his own, yet he would still need to be taught to shield his thoughts and feelings, if for no other reason than that there would be times he would again be surrounded with other humans, and in the aftermath of such an onslaught, even one unshielded mind seemed almost unbearably loud to the more sensitive among them.  This, Radu reminded himself, was why he did not attend public functions.  For generations, Vlad and Min had alternated in the duty of putting forward a public face for their companies as both were more than capable of handling such affairs and suffered far less for it. Resting his head upon his hand, Radu sipped more of the tea, then took up the pad upon which he’d begun writing figures and possible additional benefits for whomever they hired should they find someone. He reached again for the his pen, seemingly looking over the figures there, stalling a moment in the hopes that he might regain something of his normal center before concluding their business.

“Now for you,” the young doctor said, turning his attention to the aristocratic figure before him, making it clear that all his attempts had not gone unnoticed by the physician. “That headache doesn’t seem to be improving.  Quite the opposite, it’s affects seem to be causing secondary issues. To put it plain, boy, you’re starting to look a little green. So, how do you usually treat one?”

“I excuse anyone incapable of shielding themselves for the day and retire to the silence until it has passed,”  Radu answered, his voice no louder than before, though he smirked slightly at the thought of anyone, save perhaps Mircea or the Mara, calling him ‘boy’. “But first, let us conclude our business for the night. Shall we discuss your hours, compensation and benefits?”

“No, I don’t think we shall. What I think we’ll discuss instead is getting you to your nice dark room, settled in and resting awhile until that headache has passed. That’s what I think we shall do.” Kelly held up a hand to forestall any arguments, holding out the other to the vampire in an offer to help him to his feet. “I’m sure you’ll pay me what I’m worth, which is a hell of a lot more than scale, by the way. The numbers you were toying with on that pad there look just fine to me, and you can call on me whenever I’m needed. There, now that that’s settled. Now which way is it to your room?”

The birdlike young woman laughed a soft tinkling laugh, then hurried out of the room, returning almost immediately with the pale, androgynous vision Kelly noticed seated beside the vampire earlier. His eyes fixed upon the crutches, and he frowned, but said nothing about them. Not yet, he told himself. Tend to one issue at a time. The pale one maneuvered to Radu’s side, then placed a hand upon his shoulder. After a moment, Radu looked up and nodded, a hint of a smile present as he slowly rose, though pain lingered in his eyes.

“It would seem my mate chooses to agree with you.  I shall retire for the moment,” Radu informed him. Instead of taking the doctor’s hand for assistance, he shook it, then placed an arm around the seraph. “Naitachel, this is our new family physician, Doctor Ryan Kelly. Doctor Kelly, my spouse, Naitachel.”

“So, he does listen to someone?” Kelly smirked, raising a brow in Radu’s direction in silent challenge. “Good. You’ll have to tell me your secret. Tomorrow, of course, when I begin the physicals for each of you.” Seeing that both ready to demur, he pointed a finger and said sternly, “No arguing with your doctor now. I can’t very well treat you all if I don’t have a baseline to compare your illnesses to.” He pointed that finger specifically at Radu as he added, “Now go on and lay down. You’ll need that headache gone before I get back and something tells me that could take awhile.”  Turning his attention back to Naitachel as if to say that the conversation was over, he smiled. “Pleasure meeting you. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” Naitachel called after him as he strode purposefully out the door. He looked up at his mate, who truly did need to lie down. “Oh my. He seems quite… um…”

“Stern?” Radu supplied, a hint of amusement in his tone.

“Quite,” Naitachel agreed, though he thought that might, perhaps, prove something of an understatement.  Sensing his mate’s discomfort, Naitachel’s eyes filled with concern. “Do you need assistance getting to our room?”

Radu smiled, shaking his head before kissing Naitachel softly upon his brow. “No, beloved. I believe I am capable of getting there on my own. Will you be joining me?”

Naitachel smiled back. “I had hoped to,” he admitted.

The young blonde who’d seen to them earlier hurried to Naitachel. “Might I take your trappings, sir?” she asked, holding out her hands for the long coat he wore.

Nodding, Naitachel passed his crutches to his mate, then removed the coat to reveal knees that bent backwards and a majestic pair of wings. “Thank you, Katarina,” he nearly sang as he stretched them and sighed. “Much better.”

The girl nodded, smiling at them both, before heading toward the door. “Whatever will the new doctor make of you,” she said softly as she reached out for the crutches as well.

“What indeed,” Radu agreed as he passed her the crutches, then guided his angel to bed.

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Chapter 3. Dismissals and Directions  Empty Re: Chapter 3. Dismissals and Directions

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