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Name: Eramilo Gordimer

Alias/Nickname: Milo

Gender: M

Age: 35

Race: Human

Profession: Healer, both using magical and herbal elements

Description: Short, dirty blond hair, spectacles, and of slight build. He has a narrow face with a long-ish nose and narrow mouth. Green eyes complete the package. Milo isn’t unpleasant to look at, though he’s rather unremarkable and frequently blends in to a crowd. Along with several smaller scars scattered around his body (including a few that may peek through around his neck and throat) Milo has a long, ragged scar along his abdomen and whatever wound caused it was clearly quite serious, even life-threatening.

Weapons: Though generally not a fighter, Milo is skilled enough to protect himself using a staff. He also has some skill hunting using a bow and arrow.

Personality: Milo usually comes off as a quiet, mild-mannered and kindly man, generally one who prefers to listen than to speak. Being a healer, he likes to be helpful to others, however, and will come forward when needed. He will contribute to a conversation when there is something to say, and even interjects into conversation he isn't involved with, sometimes overstepping boundaries, though in the best-intentioned ways. He also frequently gives the impression of being rather absent-minded and distractible.

Background: Milo was raised by his mother after his father died from illness when he was young. His father’s death inspired him to learn as much as he could about medicines and how to heal others with traditional medical practice, something he quickly became quite good at doing. He also aspired to become a magical healer, though he had never demonstrated any true aptitude for this particular method. When his mother died, he took to the road, becoming a traveling physician who went, where he was needed, whether it was to treat an outbreak of an illness in one village or to sell herbs and cures in another removed part of the world. It was during one particular encounter with a band of rogues that Milo was bestowed with the ability to use magic to heal others… and that he became cursed.

Strengths/Skills: Milo knows a lot about nothing, and knows even more about healing. He is adept at both magical and traditional medicines. He is also adequately skilled at hunting with a bow and arrow and with using a staff to defend himself, though he is clearly no warrior.

Weaknesses: As stated above, Milo is no warrior. Milo also tends to live somewhat of an unpredictable existence, mainly due to a previous encounter that continues to haunt him, so to speak. He will frequently find himself left, “holding the bag,” for something for which he isn’t responsible… not really.

Additional Info: Beware of Lucy

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