Nopalo's Place - A haven of rest for the weary, an oasis of refreshment for the hungry and thirsty, and a final resting place for the evil.

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Nopalo's Place - A haven of rest for the weary, an oasis of refreshment for the hungry and thirsty, and a final resting place for the evil.

Post  Nopalo on Tue Nov 01, 2011 5:13 pm

Welcome to Nopalo's Place. It's situated a hard two-days' ride (a week if by wagon) from the city of Egralnar in the foothills, just low enough to miss the worst of the terrible winter snows, and just high enough to escape the oppressive heat of summer. There is usually a light breeze blowing, just enough to keep away the few mosquitoes that find their way up from the plain below. Once a private manor, the grounds cover several square miles of rolling hills and valleys, with Lake Fermi on one side of the Inn and a broad stream, the Egral River, on the other. One might wonder how such an opulent establishment came into the possession of a one-legged timber beast-turned-chef. Nopalo explains:

"Shure, 'twas nothin' complicated. More like an experiment in mathematics an' probabilities than anythin' else. We... that is, the former owner and meself, an' a couple other sportin' gentlemen, had been collectin' data, ye might say, all afternoon an' evenin', an' I'd built up quite a stack o'... research material. Well, th' gentleman had been studyin' th' situation, an' thought he'd got it figured out, so on th' final hand... uh... experiment o' the night, he proceeded t' test his theory against mine. Oh, he was proud of his calculations, that he was. Ye could be seein' it all over him. I wasn't so sure o' mine, till we picked up th' seventh card, an' I knew I had him.

"Well, sir, we were at it hot an' heavy for a bit, there; he'd bet an' I'd raise, an' he'd raise an' I'd raise, till he finally let the fever take hold of him. Ye've heard o' someone bettin' th' farm? Aye, that's what he did. Wrote out a bill o' sale for this place, an' threw it down on th' table sayin' - sneerin'-like - 'I suppose that will be sufficient t' cover it?' I just nodded, an' he picks up his hand an' slaps th' cards down one by one. Ten! Jack! Queen! King! Ace! Prettiest little straight ye ever saw. Oh, but he was th' proud one, he was. 'Twas a pity they wasn't all th' same color.

"Now, I was never one for makin' a show. Just turned me hand over easy-like. Ye should have seen his face when he saw four little sixes lookin' up at him. Why, th' sheet on your bed up there couldn't 'a' been any whiter. 'Ye'll be givin' me time t' collect me clothes?' he says as he stands up. 'Aye, but ye'll be leavin' the rest,' I tells him. An' so he did. Rented a carriage th' next day, loaded it with his clothes an' a few private nicknacks, an' drove away. Never been seen since. So that's th' story, lad. Will ye be havin' another ale?"

The main house has three stories and an attic, with attached servants' quarters in the rear, and a storage cellar and wine cellar below. A huge barn stands further back, with a holding corral, a training ring and extensive pasture beyond on the downwind side. (That'll do for now. More detail can be added later.)

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