Katuitha D'Leur, Huntress

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Katuitha D'Leur, Huntress Empty Katuitha D'Leur, Huntress

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Name: Katuitha D'Leur

Alias/Nickname: Kat

Gender: Female

Age: 156

Race: Drow, aka Dark Elf.

Profession: Huntress.

Description: Standing 5'10", she is lithe and limber, with the grace, speed, and agility known to her elven heritage. Her face is smooth-planed, sharp of cheekbone, narrow of jaw, with green eyes and shoulder-length white hair tied back in a businesslike ponytail. Her skin is the classic midnight black hue of Dark Elves. She tends to wear hunting tunic and trews and boots and gauntlets of leather, given camoflage colors.

Weapons: Double long knives, bow and arrows, dartgun with drugged darts of various kinds and chemicals, net, leather bag.

Personality: Quiet, practical, and cold-hearted, she enjoys the thrill of the hunt and the challenge of taking rare and exotic species alive. She enjoys pitting herself against the strong and intelligent ones, the intrigue and anticipation as she sets the stage carefully for their capture, and the powerful rush of success when they're trapped behind bars in Rovis' cages. While she won't gloat outwardly, she certainly does within, seeing Rovis' business as almost a personal showing of her "live" trophies, taking great pride in her success and superiority over the captives. She respects Rovis for being of like mind and great skill as a mage, but he may be the only one. Humans and others, she tends to look down on as simply inferior, usually, subject to her disdain, so she avoids his clientel and leaves the sales to him.

Background: Kat left the Underdark when a young elf due to House conflicts--she had no interest in her own society's squabbles or rivalries and saw her own kind with such disdain that she sought to take up a solitary existence. When she found that other races were just as boring, with much the same intrigues, she avoided them, too. While exploring underground caverns and passageways, she came across Rovis and the two hit it off as like minds and matching personalities. Since then, she teamed up with him, and they are essentially business partners, as this gives her a comfortable life yet supplies her with challenges as a huntress. She lives for the hunt.

Strengths/Skills: Kat is very strong for an elf, extremely silent and amazingly adept with her weapons due to her skill as a Hunter. She is very proficient at sneaking up on creatures with extraordinary senses, and so can blank and steel her mind and emotions against detection by all but the most sensitive of telepaths and empaths. A special innate lightening ability, able to electrically shock the hell out of the most powerful beasts, either to stun or kill like a lightening strike. She can summon a globe of darkness, like all full-blood Drow, and levitate, and has the acute senses of hearing and night-vision of her kind (only trained above and beyond the average Drow). She has a special mask from Rovis that changes her appearance to that of a nondescript human. She also has a handful of transport pebbles, enchanted to bring herself or any creature she sets them on back below to Rovis' citadel. A few other enchanted pebbles are given to her by the earth mage when she needs magical assistance in capturing a creature, magicked depending on what she needs. She knows and observes her quarry well before she makes any attempts, and takes great precautions when stalking or laying traps.

Weaknesses: Dislikes daylight and warmth, and can't stand bright light or loud and constant noise (like a crowded marketplace). Fairly antisocial, so she isn't the best at blending into society as a servant when observing targets, so she doesn't try to keep such roles for long. Has no magical skill beyond what Rovis supplies, or her own lightening, darkness, and levitating skills. Has no telepathic or empathic skills of her own, though she is too well trained mentally to be easily found or taken over. Can be overconfident and arrogant, and is a bit envious of Rovis' having golums to serve him.


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