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Rovis DuMal, Magical Exotics Dealer Empty Rovis DuMal, Magical Exotics Dealer

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Name: Rovis DuMal

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Race: Human

Profession: Magical Exotics Dealer, with a side business in Spell Components.

Description: About 5'11", he's thin from not paying much attention to eating and getting too engrossed in his work. He has plain chestnut-brown medium-cropped hair, green eyes, and rugged square features, broad eyebrows and a stubborn jaw. Usually he wears simple brown tunic and pants with a green sleeveless robe denoting his magical affiliation of Earth Magic, as well as sturdy brown leather boots and gauntlets for dealing with animals. A two-inch scar across his left cheek is from a bad run-in with one of the "pets" he sold.

Weapons: Earth Mage: magical elemental skill, primarily regarding earth and stone. Earth golums--made of clay, they can ooze through the ground and follow his set orders like automatons, but don't think for themselves. Earth Elementals--hulking stone apes with an unemotional mind of their own, summoned from another plane to be his bodyguards.

Personality: Stubborn, clever, cautious, and one to plan well ahead, he has a self-confidence built by being the best in his business and a powerful mage from a young age. He's very business-oriented with little compassion for others, aiming for what is practical and financially sound over emotional attachment or ethics. He has no qualms over using others to his own ends, be they human or not, though he will stick by certain bargains he makes. He sees humanity as above all other species, even intelligent ones, and considers all others with disdain, so anything else is fair game if the price is right and there's a market out there (Katuitha is the only exception). His fellow human beings are often also looked down on as uneducated and too foolishly emotional, however, and though he'll act respectful when conducting business, he feels contempt for most of them behind that false mask.

Background: Born and raised to parents with strong magical skills of their own, Rovis went to mage-school at a young age, proving to be a prodigy in his particular element. His parents passed away when he was still in school, however, due to a spell backfiring, so in order to help pay his way, he started to help a magical animals dealer. After he graduated, he took over the business and expanded it, creating a big name for himself and world reknown. Business has been good ever since he made a partnership with Katuitha D'Leur, the Drow Huntress.

Strengths/Skills: Rovis is very experienced at magic and has since found a cavern and vein of special stone, useful for containing and disabling creatures with special abilities such as telepathy and energy-absorption. Being an elemental mage with an affinity for stone in particular, he can bend it like clay with a flick of a hand without the same repercussions. Stone is not all he can so easily manipulate--he can control metal and dirt with equal skill and just a gesture. He is a professional at forming robotic golums and controlling earth elementals to do most of the work of caring for the creatures he houses and contains in his cavern citadel. Also, he is an expert at shielding spells, containment spells, magical bindings, controlling spells, disabling spells and magical traps, with a strong background in other basic magical spellsworkings such as summoning. In addition, he is extremely well-versed in legend, lore, and research on the creatures he traffics in, taking great care to be ready for such before he secures them.

His business, Exotics Inc., is known to the high-end wealthy and magical circles and keeps a magical flier regularly updated with his most recent acquisitions, offering the latest and rarest exotic magical creatures for royal menageries, personal protection, and magical research. Most magical guilds have his Components Inc. flier on hand and know him as a reliable source of rare items. Plenty of world leaders like to have creatures from him, however, as such rarities are symbols of social status and power. He has a few affiliates, but he is the biggest supplier of exotics so far, and educates consumers on the care of what they purchase (lest such escape and cause trouble).

Weaknesses: Rovis has all the failings of your average human. He is very confident, perhaps dangerously so at times, despite his caution. He is extremely good at earth magics but is getting rusty with spells he hasn't used since his mage-school days. He doesn't get out much, so he's not exactly the most social person. He is not known for his ethics so his business is frowned on by magical circles (and definitely by certain researchers and mages), but they tend to overlook that in favor of getting the items they can't get elsewhere. As a result, to buy a creature from him is a controversial issue.

Additional Note: He has a captive demonic imp called Grun who does his secretarial work for him, including keeping his magical fliers of pets and spell components up to date.


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