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Lord General Duke Haymar Sartoshi Empty Lord General Duke Haymar Sartoshi

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Name: Duke Haymar Sartoshi, Lord General of the Foothills

Alias/Nickname: To most of the populace, "The General". To close friends, simply "Haymar" or "Mar".

Gender: Male

Age: 44

Race: Human

Profession: The King-appointed guardian and Lord General of the Foothills, defender against invaders and maurading beasts.

Description: The General is 7' tall, a giant of a man, with large strong hands and a burly, powerful, muscular build fit to rival a true giant's--which hasn't changed despite his age, as he keeps himself active and regularly practices fighting. His face is ruggedly handsome and oval in shape, his jaw square and stubborn, with grey-green eyes and busy brows, his longish hair a golden brown and usually sporting a beard that lends him a lupine or leonine air. He moves with a heavy-handed ease, the smooth grace of a well-practiced and limber fighter combined with the carefully controlled strength of a strong man conscious of his own power (physical and otherwise). For such a large man, he's agile and faster than any would expect, especially as he usually tends to move with the lazy grace of a lion most of the time. Typically he wears chain or scalemail and leather, and can wear plate into battle as if it's paper.

Weapons: A glaive fit to take down a dragon or scythe enemies like wheat, when off to battle. Otherwise, a sword 5' long and 1' wide, suitable for slicing a rider (man and horse together) in half with a single swing.

Personality: Confident and arrogant but rightly so, Haymar's a charmer most of the time. He's a smooth talker, selfish and sly, always seeking entertainment, and quite a cad. Still, he won't go beyond certain boundaries, though he pushes the rules to suit himself often. One to follow chivalry as it suits him, and has his own limited code of honor, he does right by his people and fulfills his duty as their defender faithfully. For this, they love him--his exploits as a cad are well known and a source of amusement to his people (much as soap operas and movie star marriages are today), and his unquestionable skill in battle and firm protection make them comfortable with him as their leader. Clever and brave, a well-experienced tactician, he is a formidable opponent on the field. At times he likes to have a bit of finess and culture around, though, and so might call in local society to amuse him by having a party or ball...

Background: Haymar inherited his lands as the eldest of four at age 19. His father was much like he was, and loose in his attentions, so there are a few bastard brothers and sisters around as well. Taking up his familial duties faithfully, Haymar gave them duties as suits their personalities: of the bastard siblings, some took military positions elsewhere in the realm to create their own fortunes or married into good lands of their own, while his three brothers (all far worse cads and less honorable than he) married into lands of their own far enough away to be out of his hair. His own bastard children are either being raised as guards on his estate and primed for good careers of their own in the kingdom's military, or have been supported in various guilds as they liked.

Strengths/Skills: Haymar is almost inhumanly strong, and surprisingly fast and agile for his size, so he's a formidable fighter. A blow from him can cut a man and horse in half or split steel plate with the flesh beneath. He's very skilled at fighting, both as an individual and as a tactician. He practices head-games with local nobility and leaders to amuse himself at times, but this lets him practice his tactical skills when things are quiet in his territory. With a network of informants throughout the land and some beyond it, he's very well informed, too.

Weaknesses: Playing head-games is a rather cruel pasttime of his, and he's selfish enough to push the rules to satisfy his own desires. His sexual and other exploits haven't made him too popular at times, either, though he's too powerful--and necessary for keeping the peace--for anyone to retaliate. He admits to having a darker side, and doesn't hide it, but uses his charm to make others ignore it. He feels no remorse for any of his actions, as they are always coolly calculated moves.


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