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Post  NPC on Sat Nov 19, 2011 10:25 pm

Name: Luke "Badger" Graves

Race: Human

Age: 46

Gender: Male


Luke Graves was a beat cop in the city of Los Angeles before the great incident that ended civilization as we know it. He had had opportunities to move up and on within the force, but he always chose to remain where he was, feeling that this was his calling. He had, after all, a way with the criminals, and established a relationship with those he was protecting on the street.

Badger was a widower with three kids. His wife, Mary, died several years prior from extended illness. When Mary died, Luke's three children quickly scattered, never having been close to their father, and even going so far as resenting him for his rather stern upbringing-style. It is possible he has/had grandchildren as well, though Badger was never actually made aware of this.

In the Los Angeles post-apocalyptic colony, Badger has taken on the role of head of security, due to his knowledge of security measures and implementation of use of technology to increase the colony's safety.

Badger is a scruffy, rough-around-the edges but stern type. He is no-nonsense and straight to the point, and his sense of humor is dry. Luke is quick to rise to the occasion when leadership is called for, particularly when security is involved. Due to his previous duties as a policeman, he is used to unquestioned authority and dislikes being second-guessed.

Badger is knowledgeable when it comes to all things security. He has an analytical mind suited to detail-oriented work. His know-how from his job can be applied to any number of situations, including situations in which a leader-type is necessary. He knows how to keep a cool head under pressure.

Badger isn't the most people-friendly person, when it comes to personal matters. He tends to stay isolated outside of his duties as head of security.

He is also getting on in years, and though he tries to keep in physical shape, he is not as strong of fast as he used to be.

Badger is a short, burly man. He is aging, and his once black hair is not salt and pepper. He has a round, not unkindly face that frequently shows signs of stubble. He generally dresses for practicality, for example loose-fitting jeans and t-shirt, and indeed his clothes sometimes appear rumpled due to the long hours he keeps and infrequent visits to his quarters for rest.


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