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Post  Soraya on Mon Oct 31, 2011 11:00 pm

Character Name: Soraya – though this is unsure. She named herself based on an engraving on her bracelet.

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown, appears to be early 20’s

Race: Human

Appearance: Soraya is of slight build, 5’4” and thin. She boasts a full mane of curly red hair that hangs down her back. Her complexion is stereotypic of someone with red hair – fair, though apparently exposure to the sun brings out a few freckles along her nose. She has wide, deep blue eyes that others tend to describe as piercing. She has full, pouty lips that tend to become even more so when Soraya is agitated or angry. She wears a deep violet, medieval style dress with silver trimmings. She also has a black hooded cape, and Soraya frequently hides herself under that hood in an attempt to avoid drawing attention to herself. She has shin-height black leather boots suited for walking in harsh terrains and less-than-pleasant weather. She wears a delicate silver chain with a charm on her left wrist, and has a silver chain adorned with a large violet stone pendant around her neck.

Background: Approximately 3 weeks ago, Soraya woke up, disoriented and confused in the middle of a field. She appeared physically unharmed, but had one large problem: She couldn’t remember the first thing about herself. Her only clues were in her few possessions: a silver bracelet worn on her left wrist on which a delicate silver charm was perched and engraved with the name, “Soraya,” a necklace around her neck, and an ornate dagger boasting some dried blood on the blade. Though unsure any of the belongings were hers, with no other information to build from, the red-haired girl took on the name engraved on her silver charm.

For those 3 weeks, Soraya has been wandering rather aimlessly, unsure of where to even being searching for clues to her true identity. The only further information she has gleamed involved the flash of an image, appearing to her both when awake and sleeping, of an old, falling-down hut by a lake, but Soraya has no idea of its location or of its meaning.

The first time Soraya had a clue that she may not be only what she appeared to be, a regular human, came when a group of three men stumbled upon the place she had taken shelter during a rain storm. The group was obviously lascivious and of less than moral character. As the men closed in on her, Soraya knew that the small dagger she held was not going to be enough to keep herself safe. Her fear rose like heat rise within her, and though she could see no point of ignition, suddenly the small cave was ablaze. As quickly as she could, the young woman escaped the cave. She fully expected her aggressors to follow closely behind her, but was surprised to hear only their piercing screams. None of them exited the cave, and after a few minutes, the fire seemed to put itself out. The redhead re-entered the cave, cautiously, only to find (and smell) the three charred bodies of the men who had attempted to attack her. The girl wasn't shaken or frightened enough to leave the three small bags of gold and silver the men had obviously stolen from others, and this money has been what has sustained her thus far.

During other encounters she had, the girl noticed smaller-scaled versions if the burning incident, though no one she had come across had as directly threatened her as those three men had. For example, on one occasion, a couple accepted Soraya into their home for the night. When the husband loudly chastised one of his children from a broken dish, a candle near the redhead melted to a puddle though it had obviously never been lit before. Soraya has also found herself able to occasionally pick on up others’ intentions or emotions, and even thoughts, though this comes in fleeting instances.

Personality: Soraya initially presents as shy, at first, likely due to her confusing, unique situation. She does, however, fear that she might encounter someone who knows who she is and means her harm, and as thus can be somewhat suspicious of new faces. Once her trust is gained, however, Soraya is friendly and playful. She admittedly has a stubborn streak and a penchant for getting herself into trouble due to her hatred of sitting idly by.

Strengths: Soraya seems to have some fire-control abilities, as well as some empathy or telepathy. She may or may not have further abilities, though these are, as of yet, still dormant post-awakening in the clearing.

Soraya’s isolating situation has led to a distinct sense of independence, and self reliance, which can be both a strength and a weakness. Though untrained in physical combat, she is willing to use her dagger or any other means available to defend herself. Though this may have limited efficiency against trained combatants, you can be sure Soraya will do anything and everything she can, including even clawing at her attacker, to land some damage.

Weaknesses: As previously mentioned, Soraya’s tendency toward initial distrust may be, to a certain point, crippling, if even for the simple fact that she may not seek out help even in situations she should.

Additionally, though Soraya appears to have some beyond human abilities, her lack of knowledge of her past includes lack of training in controlling these abilities. This means that her emotional outbursts rather than sheer will may be the factor deciding when these powers manifest themselves and makes it difficult to predict the effect of her abilities during any given situation.

Soraya is hardly a trained fighter, and her penchant for running head-long into dangerous situations can sometimes leave her in precarious positions.

Oh, and her sense of direction leaves much to be desired.

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