Rules are Rules! (READ ME!)

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Rules are Rules! (READ ME!)

Post  Naitachel on Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:00 am


1. Respect - For yourself and your character, the other players (and their characters) and for the setting. This is probably the most important rule in free form role play. Play your character true to your vision of them, and expect others to do the same--you are the expert on your own creation, but others will react as they see fitting, not necessarily to your expectations. Keeping true to your creation, you want to try and keep your reactions realistic, and not suddenly throw elements into the adventure that are completely out of place (IE Throw a spaceship at a medieval castle, have your plain barmaid smash trolls like the Incredible Hulk without hints in the bio, etc.). Try to work with the current plot's Narrator/GM. Be courteous to everyone else playing, and don't be surprised if not everything goes as planned. If not sure or seeking a certain reaction, post OOC suggestions or PM the other player(s) in advance about the idea before you post in the IC threads, or just hash it out in the chat.

2. Teamwork - We all need to contribute to build this story. There are no small parts; everyone is a star with a story to tell. Everyone gets a chance at the limelight, though sometimes you have to wait your turn. Just because someone's character is mad as yours does NOT mean the player is mad at you, nor need the converse be true. Take questions and problems to the OOC, PM, or chat and talk them out. If it escalates, talk to a moderator about it.

3. Commitment - You are promising you will be a part of this game, so we need you to show up and post. Play-by-Post games, free form or system are slow, so when life intrudes (and it will), let us know. You can be written into a "dormant" state in the plot, if need be, or dragged along, or we can wait, depending on how long you think you might be out.

4. Comminucate - Talk to each other. OOC communication is why the OOC board, PM system, chatbox, MSN messenger, etc exist, so be liberal. That is where you discuss plotlines, side-plots, characters, and so forth, but it's also for anything pertaining to RL. Share whatever you like, but please lable anything not work-safe or make it a spoiler as we do have people accessing from work environments or with children present. Likewise, don't expect us to solve your problems or linger on discussing them--we're everyday people and come here to escape, just like you. We like to keep track of each other, but anything given regarding RL is purely voluntary on your part. We promise we won't bite... much. Wink

5. No Flaming - Leave your personal feelings and RL issues at the door, and stay courteous. There are people of different walks of life on this site, and some may be part of that group you're holding in contempt. Prejudice by race, religion, creed, gender, sexuality, etc is not allowed. Stay open-minded, and if you don't agree with others then simply agree to disagree on the topic or just keep your opinions to yourself. They have nothing to do with the roleplay, regardless, so keep them out of it. We're all here to play and have fun.

6. Consent - Nothing can happen to your character without your consent. Everyone has full veto power over what happens to their character. If someone shoots a gun or swings a sword at you, it's your decision if the bullet hits you or the blade slices you and how much it hurts you, not your attacker. When in a fight, do not post that your actions HIT your target. YOU do not write anything that "moves" them, and you have no say on if they're hit or hurt or effected. It is up to the other player as to whether they actually take the hit or not, and how bad.

7. No Godmoding - No super-charged impossible to kill characters--everyone has weaknesses and can die/be destroyed here. If your character gets into a fight, expect to take damage and even be defeated from time to time. In practical terms, your character is only as powerful as you can make people enjoy cooperating with. No godmoding as a healer either. If a player's character is injured, it is up to THAT player as to whether or not to ask for a healer's help. It is also up to that player as to how effective the healing is. There is also a limit as to how long a healer can work before needing to rest and recharge. EI, they cannot heal an entire army of thousands and then go off dancing with no ill effects.

8. NPCs - The NPCs that are listed as permanent placements are controlled by the moderators only. All other NPCs are controlled by the player who created them, unless they give permission for another player to control said NPC. All NPCs must be cleared by the moderators before being brought in to play.

9. Originality Is Encouraged - Try to keep cliches to a minimum--they're boring. Do not plagerize; we are also common purveyors of the media. Do not claim what is not your own creation; we also have the internet and can use Google just as well as you can.

10. Have Fun!

* Questions, concerns, comments? Contact a Moderator (names are in bold gold).

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