A New Beginning...

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A New Beginning...

Post  Naitachel on Wed Nov 02, 2011 12:57 am

A time of chaos and haste was finally at an end, fading away like mists before the dawn.

It was all hazy now, shadowed by stress and uncertainty with periods of fear and relief. Misty times when flight was foremost in mind, concern for loved ones and friends, plans for optimal security and speed and yet bringing what comforts and keepsakes were possible. Confusion and fear when dangers arose like looming shadows in the distance, threatening harm and to scatter loved ones to the unknown. Joy and relief when threats faded away again, and the journey continued. But the stress of it all reduced those times to nothing the mind wished to see clearly anymore...

The sun had risen again, and shone with warmth on weary travelers (and their means of travel) as they set one foot ahead of the other on firm, safe roads for once, those past dangers and fears now exactly that--past. Here, the lands were quiet and untouched by what had been left behind. Here, one might hope for sanctuary... and look towards a new beginning.

The sign saying "Inn" ahead seemed a great place to start.

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