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Soraya and Vlad's three children born during various eras.

Tommen - Vlad and Soraya's eldest, Tommen would be near 1000 years old when what many called Armageddon occured. He experienced first death at 22, and appears to be just about his parents' age. He resembles most closely is father and uncle, Radu. He also tends to have a personality reminiscent of Radu's, serious and pensive, quiet, and one who thinks before acting unless truly provoked or acting in the defense of someone he cares for. Tommen is obviously still haunted by an event in his past which has led him to be more reclusive and withdrawn, particularly when it involves women and possible romantic entanglements.

Michael - Vlad and Soraya's second child, Michael, is approximately 750 years of age. He was 17 upon first death due to reasons he prefers to keep to himself. His hair appears to be lighter than his father’s, though it is darker than his mother’s, giving it reddish-brown color. His eyes are as blue as the rest of his family’s and his face is another mixture between his parents. He has a particularly close bond to his uncle, Minhea, and his personality follows as well. He is quick to make jokes and tease, and, of course, as tutored by his father's brother, he adores women. He is also their child who is most likely to run headlong into dangerous situations without giving it much thought, a stark contrast to his older brother.

Brianna - Their youngest child is a mere 250 years old. She was also was the youngest upon first death, being only 6 when the fever took her, much to Soraya’s chagrin. She has dark, cascading curls, but a face just like her mother’s. Having been so young upon her first death, Bri has maintained the innocence and naïveté of childhood and will likely forever remain much like a child. Her eyes, however, are knowing, and she frequently displays wisdom beyond those of a mere child's. Those who know her well know that she is well aware of her charm and uses it much to her advantage. Perhaps even more striking, however, is that Brianna is a quick and accurate reader of people; she has an easy way of breaking through most hardened exteriors and spotting people who are better avoided.
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