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Post  azul on Sun Jan 12, 2014 7:42 pm

Name: Azul Dovahkiin

(Alias/Nickname:) Azul the Dragon Lord

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Race: Elf

(Profession:) teacher of all things mundane and most things magical

Description: Azul is a 6’ tall handsome elvish guy with long blonde hair and blue eyes. He looks very regal most of the time. The only time he doesn’t looked regal is when he’s very angry. Then he gets narrow eyed and his muscles get very crunched up and he looks like he is ready to kill.

(Weapons:) Azul’s favorite weapon is his staff, however he is also very good with a bow and arrow. He carries an elvish sword which he isn’t amazing at, but can use.

Personality: Azul is can be goofy when he wants to be, but he can also be very serious, and responsible, and protective. Very protective. He is especially protective of his child.

Background: Azul used to live in a small village, though it was destroyed long ago by dragon fire. The long war between the dragons and his people wiped out most of the villages. If he’d known back then of his magical ability to control dragons he could have saved them. He still regrets knowing that he had that power inside him and didn’t ever try to use it when his people needed him to.

Strengths/Skills: Azul is a talented mage. He’s good at wielding his staff and shooting arrows. He’s not great with other weapons, but he can use magic when he needs it. He’s good at talking people into things and talking his way out of things. He can create and control lightening.

Weaknesses: , If Azul is too tired or is badly injured, he can lose control of his lightening ability. No matter his condition, though, he always fights to maintain control. In fact, he can be kind of a control freak. He only takes orders if he sees the purpose of the order. If he doesn’t, he may not follow your lead.

(Additional Info:) Azul travels with a small boy named Bane. Bane is a black haired, brown-ish red eyed boy. He looks like is about 11 years old. He is a shy boy, but he obeys Azul and usually hides behind him in social situations. Azul is the talker. He doesn’t let anyone get too near Bane until he’s sure he trusts them. Even then, he may find it hard to leave the boy behind with anyone even when the situation is dangerous.
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