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Only a small fire... Empty Only a small fire...

Post  Anghelina on Wed Dec 11, 2013 1:34 am

(OOC: My apologies, it just seemed it might be rude to burst in on those evening conversations. )

A quiet but firm knock at the main door of Nopalo's Place brings a serving man to answer it, first opening a crack to the night air, then widening it.  The man engages in conversation with someone outside, a speaker with a husky but decidedly feminine voice.

Well, come in, lass, there's room enough for certain, and you can warm yourself and eat before the maid takes you upstairs.  He steps aside, and a young woman enters, blinking in the warm light of the common room, staring at the fire just visible in the hearth and leaning slightly on the thick, smooth quarterstaff in her right hand.  A small pack with a bedroll tied to it is still on her shoulders, and her clothing is simple and well-worn.  She rubs at her eyes with her free hand, glancing about as though she can hardly believe her luck in finding this place.  

Thank you, sir, thank you so much, and if a bit of stew can be had without troubling anyone, I should be most grateful.  I'll just take a seat by that fire.  Making her way to a bench, she leans the staff against the high back then eases her pack to the floor.  A sigh of relief and a smile, for she spots some split logs readied to one side, and promptly moves to add a couple to the glowing embers.  Soon flames are roaring, brightening the immediate area, and she leans forward, holding her hands out to the heat.


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Only a small fire... Empty Re: Only a small fire...

Post  azul on Sun Jan 12, 2014 7:52 pm

Azul looked up from the table to see the lady and take a good note of her, quietly reminding Bane to slow down eating and to chew his food.


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Only a small fire... Empty Re: Only a small fire...

Post  Soraya on Sun Jan 19, 2014 11:20 pm

((OOC: Moving from New Arrival to here.  We just have to pretend the daylight hours have gone by to make it work, but it seemed too confusing to have 2 threads going on on the same day. Razz))

Laerwen wrote:The elven woman shrugged. "After a fashion," she answered. "I arrived last night and attended to my surroundings rather late into the morning." Shrugging, she adjusted her cloak and turned from the window. "Does that bother you?" she asked, a slight smirk upon her lips, knowing, of course, that it clearly did.

Soraya frowned.  There was no denying part of what she felt given the woman's response was disappointment, though it was certainly not comforting to have been watched.  

"Do you particularly enjoy having a stranger announce they have been spying on you?" Soraya asked in return.  She glanced around the common room as she spoke, noting there were a few unfamiliar faces, one of a young woman and one of...  well, a somewhat strange-looking man and a boy.  

Her attention returned to the one in front of her and the redhead's eyes narrowed.  "Is there anything else that I have missed, then, during the time I have slept?"

She was admittedly curious as to how closely this one had been watching them.

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Only a small fire... Empty Re: Only a small fire...

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